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Our products are manufactured with the utmost care to bring you quality products at all times across all our product ranges. 


With help from our dedicated design team and fully equipped toolroom, we are able to manufacture moulds to suit your specific needs. 


We offer our clients a large variety of quality products at factory prices. 


We are open to the public and are happy to help both big and small businesses, making us a one stop shop for all your cosmetic packaging needs.  


We boast with a large variety of plastic bottles ranging from 20 Ml to 1 Litre. 
Neck sizes range from between 18/410 and 28/415. 
Our Plastic Bottles are available in various materials such as PP, HDPE, Luran, PET and PETG. 


 Our Jars are available in sizes ranging from 5 Ml up to 1 Litre to suit all your needs.
Our jars are made from popular materials like PP, Luran, SAN and even PET and PETG.  


 We have Closures available for all our Bottles and Jars. 
We have a variety of Spray Pumps, Lotion Pumps, Caps, Triggers, and many more. 
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 Lendon Pack offers a unique variety of Glass Bottles and Jars for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry.


 Our machines include Table Crimpers, Hand Crimpers, Pneumatic Crimpers, a Collar Press, Hand Held Pneumatic Machines and Table Pneumatic Machines. 

Ask about our Biodegradable packaging range!

With 3 Options to choose from, our travel kits offer a simple solution for every frequent traveler. With reusable bottles that are perfect for conditioner, shampoo, sunscreen and more.

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About Lendon Pack

Lendon Pack are manufacturers and suppliers of distinctive cosmetic and toiletry packaging. Quality excellence is the buzz word with our driving force developing high quality solutions. Experimentation with new materials and the use of modern technology have taken Lendon Pack to new heights and achievements. Outstanding reliability of products and designing of new products is our strength, the objective is zero defect, high quality at the correct price.


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