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Lendon Pack is proud to announce that we are officially the sole distributors across South Africa of CosmetiXpack Products.

Cosmetixpack is a small dynamic company established in 2005, specialized in selecting and evaluating the best manufacturers of cosmetic, skin care, perfumery and toiletries components in Asia, and particularly in China. Its owners have been working in this field for 30 years, and specifically in Asia for almost 20 years, in the industrial, technical and commercial fields related to packaging material for the cosmetic industry. 

Come to our showroom to see some stock items, or follow the tutorial to view the CosmetiXpack Virtual Catalogue to see if there is anything else that would interest you.

If there is anything that you can use, we will import the items for you so you won’t have to.

Send your CosmetiXpack enquiries to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please remember to clearly state the Product Name and Product Code when enquiring about new items.

 Click Here For CosmetiXpack Link  

Fill in the username and password and view the entire product Range.

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